About Us

We at Xtreme Simulations specialize in developing hyper realistic props and training exercises for the medical and security markets. We create simulations of extreme situations that include hyper realistic props and special effects developed in the film industry, to expose teams to the shock, trauma and the sense of disorientation that they are likely to suffer during a real life situation. Backed by our proven track record and accumulated experience in training special forces, first aid, search and rescue (S&R) and police units in Israel, the US, Africa and South America, we propose to teach our clients how to handle mass casualty incidents (MCI), to prioritize and administer first aid and eventually reduce casualty rates.

For the medical market, we are developing unique and tailor made hyper realistic medical simulators for training surgeons, gynecologists, emergency physicians, paramedics and nurses in different complicated procedures they are likely to encounter during their work. Enjoying a close collaboration with the Medical Simulation Center (M.S.R) at Sheba Medical Center, our aim is to develop Trauma props, unique Obstetrics and Gynecology models (diagnosis and suture of perineal tear, gynecologic/uro-gynecology surgery) and a first of a kind general surgery simulator (open surgery model: small bowl obstruction, colectomy, stoma etc.)

On November 2015 Xtreme simulations completed a successful pilot with United Rescue (“Ichud Hazala”) of a MCI drill with 40 “casualties”. The drill summarized a 3 week training course for Australian clients. As a result United Rescue is planning to conduct 65 MCI training drills in Israel and abroad (mainly in the US). Our simulators were also successfully used in IDF’s Special Forces drills. More pilots are planned in the near future with the Israeli police anti-terror unit (Yamam, (“ the Israeli fire brigade and other elite units in the IDF.

Our goal is to be a leading company for hyper realistic medical training solutions for hospitals and medical simulation centers around the world, and a one of a kind hyper realistic simulation platform for various security professionals, S&R, first aid and corporate clients in the U.S. By “bringing Hollywood” to real life emergency training. We believe that by using our Xtreme Simulations solutions, we can train better physicians, paramedics and soldiers, which shall result in  reducing psychological trauma and save lives.